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Despite agricultural investments and technological advances contributing to a boost in productivity and improved food safety, the agriculture and food industry still faces major concerns.

With hunger and malnutrition still prominent in a vast majority of underdeveloped countries and factors such as mounting pressures on natural resources, climate change and intensification of natural disasters, global food sustainability is becoming increasingly threatened. Planetary boundaries may well be surpassed, if current trends continue and, therefore, a transformative change in agriculture and food systems are urged worldwide.

The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, boosting agricultural demand – in a scenario of modest economic development.  Satisfying increased demands on agriculture with existing farming practices is requiring commensurate shifts in output. This is leading to added pressure on natural resources, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and further deforestation and land degradation. For this reason, high-input, resource-intensive farming systems can no longer deliver sustainable food and agricultural production.

Urgently needed are innovative systems that protect and enhance the natural resource base, while increasing productivity. Food losses and waste claim a significant proportion of agricultural output, and reducing them would lessen the need for production increases. One of the greatest challenges is, therefore, achieving coherent, effective national and international governance, with clear development objectives and commitment to accomplish them.

Areas we cover:

  • Agri-chemicals
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Agriculture Production
  • Agricultural Science
  • Nutritional & Food Science
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Testing, Inspection & Certification


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