Advantages of a Global Executive Search & Selection Capability

Simply put, the wider you cast your net, the greater the talent you are likely to find. There is a whole world of talent out there for you to tap into so why restrict yourself to just one region?

That is why we would recommend a global executive search and selection process. By partnering with a global executive search firm to conduct the process on your behalf, you don’t need to worry about finding the right individuals among the multitudes. We have the experience, networks and technology to refine the search and identify those people with real potential.


One of the greatest advantages of a global executive search and selection is the greater diversity it brings to your pool of applicants. This includes diversity of experience, qualifications and cultural upbringing. For example, leadership styles and perspectives can vary widely across the world. By hiring an executive from a culture different from the company’s predominant one, you can gain a new and insightful opinion into your business strategy, including any expansion into new world markets.

An international candidate may have a greater awareness of how certain marketing efforts will be received, reducing the chances of you committing an embarrassing faux pas. In limiting your search to only one or a handful of countries, you are not exploring all the options open to you.

By involving a global executive search firm as part of your talent acquisition plan, you can feel confident that the team have a strong awareness of any cultural differences between the hiring manager, interviewers and candidate.

Market Knowledge

If you are planning on expanding your business into new markets, it helps to have an executive onboard who is already familiar with it. They will be able to provide you with greater insight into both your competition and target audience, and potentially put you in touch with new contacts and networks.

Filling A Skills Gap

Sometimes there simply isn’t anyone available within your country with the necessary skills and experience for the role. In the UK alone, nine in ten employers are already struggling to find candidates with the skills that they need. This means having to invest additional time and money in training, often reducing the company’s overall productivity.


If relocation is required, 6 Group can support both parties in coming to a suitable arrangement. You want your new hire to feel welcome in their new home and country, as well as the company itself. Remember, any international candidate who is willing to relocate for a job is likely to be highly motivated and committed. They have likely uprooted their entire life in order to work for you and are unlikely to throw that away easily.


Every year, advances in technology make global executive search an increasingly popular choice among customers. One previously common concern has been the willingness or ability of talented candidates to relocate. With more reliable and high-quality screen share and video conferencing technology, including developments in virtual reality products, an individual needn’t physically be in the same room or even country as you in order to make a truly valuable contribution.

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