How To Effectively Use A Leadership Assessment Psychometric Test

A leadership assessment psychometric test can be a brilliant tool for assessing an individual’s suitability for a leadership role. Typically, it will look at someone’s skills, motivations, intelligence, growth potential and personality. Once the test is completed, the information is collated into an insightful summary. Some psychometric tests will also present their results in the form of graphs, charts or colours, with an expert on hand to explain what they all mean. For the best results, a psychometric test should be used in conjunction with a variety of other methods, including one-on-one development workshops following the assessment stage.

Who might benefit from a leadership assessment psychometric test?

We believe every employee can potentially benefit from a leadership assessment psychometric test. It is never too early in someone’s career for you to spot potential. A psychometric test will help you to identify those individuals who have the necessary characteristics to make a great future leader. However, a leadership assessment psychometric test will only be truly effective if you nurture and promote any talent that you discover.

Once you have a better idea of an individual’s personal leadership style, you can begin to put in place a development programme to support their growth. They may not have all the skills and knowledge required for a leadership role right now, but if you demonstrate a willingness to help them get there, the individual is far more likely to stay with the company.

Furthermore, you will be able to weigh up whether or not the individual’s natural style of leadership sits comfortably with the wider ethos and culture of the company. It may well be that they need to downplay certain tendencies or bring others to the forefront if they are to succeed in the environment. The test itself will highlight whether they are likely to be susceptible to such learning.

Psychometric tests work equally well with external job applicants. It is no longer unusual for a recruitment process to feature one, as their standardised nature makes it easier to compare candidates objectively. This helps to mitigate any interviewer bias or an over-reliance on gut instinct. They are also useful for narrowing down a large number of applicants towards the start of the process.

Do your current leadership team require a psychometric test?

In many cases, asking your existing leadership team to complete a psychometric test can be a worthwhile and incredibly interesting endeavour. A leadership assessment psychometric test will help reveal what qualities and characteristics they bring to their role that other team members don’t. With that knowledge in mind, you can specifically look for those traits in any internal or external talent to optimise your leadership structure.

Remember, however, that it is important to have a mix of leadership styles within a management team. Too many people with the same personality may clash or become set in a particular way of thinking. Instead, look for leaders whose dominant characteristics compliment each other.



A psychometric test is just one element of our bespoke Leadership Assessment & Development programmes. They also typically include; building a unique competency framework, assessing employees against behavioural and technical attributes required to excel in their role and, where necessary, an organisational redesign to accelerate the company in becoming a market leader.

Below is a case study of when 6 Group was asked by a renowned Energy business to conduct a multinational Leadership Assessment & Development programme across a global 245-person team.

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