What to Expect From Executive Coaching

Executives have a hugely important role to play in any business as they act as leaders in what is often a high pressured environment. They must guide the business and its employees through incredibly complex and competitive marketplaces, making decisions in line with the business strategy and ensuring that their team is working as efficiently as possible.

Executive coaching provides them with the necessary support to do their jobs and acts as a clear statement that the company is interested in their future success. This is an individual with clear potential and who is worth spending time and effort nurturing.

But what can you expect from executive coaching?

Taking Time for Personal Reflection

The most effective leaders are ones who are self-aware. They know how their actions affect other employees and the wider company and so can manage their relationships accordingly. Self-aware leaders are empathetic, listen to and take on board the views of others, and respond in an appropriate manner. These are the type of leader people enjoy working for and feel valued by.

Becoming more aware of your own workplace behaviour and personality requires both personal reflection and critical feedback from peers, superiors and subordinates. Through interacting with you on a regular basis, they will be firmly aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. These could be blind spots of yours, behaviours of which you aren’t even aware but have a positive or negative impact on the work environment and productivity. An executive coach has the necessary tools to facilitate that feedback and will also be able to add their own comments having observed your interactions with others.

You also need to be honest with yourself about what tasks or skills you struggle with or actively shy away from. This can be a daunting, frustrating and sometimes embarrassing process but it is completely necessary if you want to make effective and fundamental change that is going to help you progress and succeed. Once you have come to terms with everything that you’ve learnt, the executive coach can then work with you to put a plan of action and improvement in place.

Greater Awareness of Others

A significant part of executive coaching requires thinking about others. By having an excellent understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and goals of those around you, you can see more clearly how the cogs come together to create one well-oiled machine. An executive coach will not only share their own neutral observations but also give you the tools to form your own insights.

Taking an interest in others will help you to identify who in the team requires support, including your superiors. This could either be because they’re struggling or because they have the potential to accomplish so much more if pointed in the right direction. Acting upon this information should help to improve the retention rate within the team.

In addition, knowing how people prefer to communicate and be communicated to, can create a more positive work environment where everyone feels like their voice and viewpoint is being heard.

From a slightly more selfish viewpoint, this information is vital for knowing who in the company could either help or hinder your own career path.

Setting Goals for the Future

Time spent with your executive coach is ideal for thinking carefully about what you want in the long term from your career. As a neutral third party, they can act as an objective soundboard off which to bounce ideas and discuss the options open to you.

An executive coach will push you to think bigger and better. They’ll encourage you to be bolder in the challenges you set yourself, helping you to get out of the mindset that something will be practically impossible to achieve.

One of the biggest benefits of receiving regular coaching from the same executive coach is that they can hold you to account. Whatever goals you decide together, your executive coach will be checking in to ensure that you’re making changes and on track to achieve. This can be far more effective than trying to go it alone.

Ultimately, each executive coach will have their own unique offering but these are the three key areas to look out for when you’re making your decision.


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