Hyde & Seek: Uncovering a Candidate's True Identity

Adam Small, Consultant


Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, published in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson, is about a man who transforms between two personae; Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde.

Most of us know the story. If we haven’t read it or watched a screen adaptation, chances are we have referred to the plot when describing a situation or indeed a person we may know or have encountered. Dr. Jekyll is a well-educated and respected member of society. Mr. Hyde is a cruel man who leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

Unfortunately, this story resonates throughout life and people are not always as they appear.

The same is true for profession; business leaders and hiring managers invite Dr. Jekyll to interview, but Dr. Hyde attends, and in some cases, gets the job! The result – a trail of destruction left in the workplace for both the employer and the employees. Of course, this analogy is used in this instance to emphasise that strict due diligence should be conducted before engaging with a new hire.

Most business’ hiring processes will put the cat amongst the pigeons, but should hiring managers have to spend their precious time trying to identify behavioural nuances in a Mr Hyde during interview that could end up coming back to bite everyone?

What if risk could be eliminated before the interview?

6 Group’s Executive Search capability is a tried and tested tool that identifies top talent in a passive market place, turning over the most stubborn rocks in the furthest reaches of the globe. It also offers evidence-based, behavioural competency assessments which tests levels of competency in areas laid out by the employer as being key to success and top performance.

Competency assessment reports are delivered with other pertinent information about the candidates to the client ahead of the interview and any risk of a Mr. Hyde situation is diminished.

The results speak for themselves; 91% of 6 Group’s search projects end in success, 84% of candidates are still in place after two years and it takes, on average, just over 23 months for candidates to be promoted.

To learn more about our search capability visit our Executive Search page or get in touch.

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