The merits of a Leadership Development Programme

Why have a Leadership Development Programme?


Looking to the long term, a leadership development programme is an extraordinarily worthwhile investment. It ensures that you have a steady supply of highly skilled and motivated leaders and accelerates their growth into invaluable assets for the business. 

Implementing a leadership development programme also sends a clear signal to employees that you are interested in how their career matures, building genuine engagement with them and helping to reduce employee turnover.

What’s more, from a commercial perspective, it is often more time and cost efficient to train and coach employees to be the perfect leadership fit rather than search high and low for external talent to do the job.

If you want your leadership team to truly flourish, we would recommend taking a more bespoke approach. No two people learn or progress in the same way or at the same speed, so why give them identical leadership development programmes?

It’s always better to work one-on-one with individuals to truly understand their strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Such insight is in part derived from the results of an initial leadership assessment programme which examines someone’s technical and behavioural competencies and can include psychometric testing to provide a deeper level of analysis.

Introduce a Leadership Development Programme Early

To achieve the best results possible and see notable improvement, we recommend that you begin a leadership development programme early on with high potential individuals. That way, you can ensure they develop the necessary skills to successfully implement your business strategy, part of the succession planning process.

More than anyone else in an organisation, the leadership team needs to be seen to be acting and working in accordance with the company’s culture and standards. Beginning a leadership development programme at the start of an individual’s career with the company means that you can instil those values early on. By the time they’re ready to take on a high-level and visible leadership role, they should be deeply ingrained into their manner of working.

By choosing to work with a bespoke leadership development programme that accounts for the unique needs and makeup of your organisation, you can begin to build a far stronger team. It will take into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of each individual and devise ways in which each person can compliment another.

Attracting the very best talent with a leadership development programme

Talented individuals are drawn to companies where they feel like they will be both challenged and supported by their employer. Leadership development programmes answer both desires as they provide employees with a clear structure on how to bolster their leadership skills and address their shortcomings.

As well as attracting external resources, leadership development programmes can also help you retain the talent you already have. A company that invests heavily in the personal growth of its employees is also likely to be one that is willing to promote from within. After all, why would a company go to all that trouble of forging great leaders only to never utilise them? Knowing this, employees will feel more motivated to achieve and succeed.



Leadership Development in Practice

In 2018, 6 Group was asked to carry out a major leadership & workforce development project for a global Energy business.

The programme comprised a rigorous behavioural assessment – including competency and psychometric testing of the client’s entire commercial leadership team and subsequently upskilling them for the assessment to be utilised across their respective sales functions. The programme was also extended to all customer-interfacing leaders.

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