The role of Delivery Consultant is to partner with Client/Senior Client Partners to deliver our 6 Group service to our clients. You will be part of the engine room of our business and provide us with insightful intelligence and access to world-class executives for us to place in new and exciting careers and projects around the globe.

In practice, this will predominantly involve taking responsibility for the early stages of senior-level search assignments and consulting assignments such as talent mapping/pipelining, Gender Diversity Programmes, leadership assessments, compensation & benefits surveys, and market intelligence studies.

When appropriate, you will need your passport!


Go Beyond

We are the navigator of our clients' journeys. We guide them through the areas you want to explore and help you make discoveries along the way, all with the intention of enabling them to truly pioneer.


Beliefs: Outcomes | (Being) Nimble | Remarkable

The Delivery Consultant will accompany the Senior/Client Partner to briefing meetings with clients to gain first-hand information on any project they will be involved in.

We have been asked to identify a person that is better than the one person who has commanded more space shuttle missions than any other human through to finding the most influential women in Energy megaproject management. We do this through preparing, sourcing, selecting and managing our projects with precision to produce these remarkable outcomes for our clients.


  • You will work hand in hand with a Client/Senior Client Partner and the client to identify the best approach for each client’s need. Partnering is at the core of everything we do to ensure we always Go Beyond.
  • Ahead of any briefing with a client you will find out as much about them and their organisation as possible
  • We have learned from the “dummies guide” phenomena and as such we create our own “dummies guide” for each client and each project. It is the best way to truly understand and be aware of the language and workings of our clients.
  • Our Marketing function is great at making us look great. You will work with them to create amazing Candidate Briefing and Attraction Packs & Information Documents
  • Remarkable outcomes are about getting the process right, so we need you to make sure all the processes and templates for each project are ready
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  • This is where the fun really begins, you get to be the detective to find those needles in the haystack that are going to make the greatest impact to our client’s organisations. You with work hard to Identify potential sources of information & those amazing executive candidates
  • Utilising networking tools and techniques (that we train you on), you will then gain introductions and recommendations from those senior executives
  • It isn’t just about finding a person. You will be able to gain a huge amount of information from your conversations. You will gain an intimate and deep awareness of the current market which you will also share with your clients on weekly updates
  • This information will also uncover “gold” – leads for your client/senior client partner to follow up and grow the business and relationship with our clients even more


  • When was the last time you got to question how good a senior executive is? Well, this is your chance. You will be trained and then responsible for qualifying each candidate’s motivation and level of interest through to a full, functional competence assessment
  • You then need to really get to know everything about them. A full exploration of each candidate’s current circumstances, motivations, and remuneration
  • You will then present your findings together with a ranked longlist to your Client/Senior Client partner to determine who will go through to final assessment


Communication is the key for us. Not just a forum of practical conversation, but also an open platform to discuss the stark and unvarnished realities of what is stopping our clients from being a leader in their field. Sharing this level of insight requires trust, and we work to preserve and enhance that trust by always taking them from strength to strength. 


Beliefs: Fresh | Followership | Awareness

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Project Delivery

  • You won’t always work on an Executive Search project. You might have to work on an Intelligence piece across Asia, Americas and Europe trying to find out how Fintech companies structure their risk department! You need to collate all that research information and intelligence
  • The marketing crew will work with you to create reports demonstrating your findings from the project
  • Finally, you will then have the opportunity to present your findings to the client with your Client/Senior Client partner
  • It is expected that the Delivery Consultant and the Senior/Client Partner will be in constant dialogue during a Project and a full review of each assignment will be conducted afterward to ensure that lessons are shared internally with all team members

People who do well at 6 Group are:

  • Experienced in the Recruitment sector
  • Confident when talking to people at all levels
  • Culturally aware and seen and experienced some of what other parts of the world offers
  • Able to work on a computer!
  • Familiar with data-mining and web-based search techniques – google is a good start!
  • Strongly aware and interested across any of the sectors we work in

If you really want to impress us:

  • We have a lot of people who speak another language – that is cool
  • Any degree


  • Competitive base salary
  • Quarterly performance related bonus
  • Company pension
  • Participation in quarterly and annual team incentive scheme
  • 24 days' holiday

Working Hours

A typical work-day doesn’t exist at 6 Group. One day you could be travelling to Paris and another day you will be in the office all day interviewing. We don’t look at clocks, we do what we have to do to get the job done right every time.


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