CEO Search

CEO Search


When it comes to a CEO search, planning is everything.

A CEO position can become vacant with very little notice or you could know about it for months or years in advance. Either way, you want to know that a process is in place for you to fall back on at a moment’s notice. Companies thrive on stability and the absence of a CEO directly undermines that. Employees, shareholders and customers will quickly start to ask questions and it is crucial that you are able to provide satisfactory answers. Fail to do so and unhelpful speculation and rumour will spread rapidly.

A successful CEO search is one which isn’t limited to simply finding an adequate or like-for-like replacement. Instead, it prioritises finding the perfect individual to lead the new company into a new era. Any serious CEO candidate will have their own ideas and vision for the company moving forward.

At 6 Group we have experience working with a whole range of companies, from small family-owned businesses to multinationals, private-equity firms to non-profit organisations. Whatever the size of your business, we will aim to build a long-term and close partnership with you. This allows us to truly understand your business goals and objectives, giving us greater insight into what qualities a new CEO would need. The company’s strategic direction will heavily influence the CEO profile and criteria that we help you craft. For example, is the business looking to cut costs and requires a CEO with proven experience in making those tough decisions?

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when it comes to a CEO search. We will never break your trust and prevent you from announcing the appointment at a time and place that is right for you.

CEO Succession Planning

It is never too early to start your CEO succession planning. Even if your CEO is currently in a strong position with no imminent plans to leave, you never truly know what is going to happen. Having a clear successor lined up will greatly limit any uncertainty and confusion when the time comes.

Furthermore, the earlier you begin the process, the greater the likelihood of you identifying several excellent candidates. These individuals can then be thoroughly assessed and begin a personalised leadership development programme whose end goal is to produce candidates capable of meeting your CEO search criteria. This additional time will allow both the current CEO and the wider board to observe the candidates and gain a deeper insight into how they are likely to respond in varying situations. Wait until the CEO has announced their intention to leave and you will dramatically reduce the time available to assess candidates.

CEO Search Caused By A Sudden Departure

Should a CEO choose to leave a company unexpectedly and without a clear successor, it helps to have a trusted partner ready to immediately step in. 6 Group can be that reassuring presence at a time of stress and confusion. We will assist you in swiftly appointing an interim CEO whilst at the same time starting an expansive yet rigorous CEO search.

With offices in EMEAI, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, there is no geographical limit to our search. At 6 Group we have specialist industry knowledge in the following sectors:

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