Financial Services

Financial Services


While the forecast for financial services is unpredictable, change remains constant.

Banking and capital markets face ongoing restructuring, emerging technologies and the acceleration of digitalisation. The insurance marketplace requires agility to navigate the dramatic transformation of the way people now live. Shifts in buyer behaviour as the Millennials become a greater force and increased regulation are just a part of the challenges, and opportunities, facing Investment Management.

In 2017, Brexit was the talk of the town, with the word “uncertainty” bouncing around the sector. As such, the financial services industry’s focus is revolving greatly around crafting their post-Brexit strategy, namely how to continue having access to both EU and UK markets and in turn catering to their clients’ needs.

Political events will continue impacting financial services, the rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the industry’s landscape, altering not only bank’s relationships with their clients but also shifting traditional banking towards a digital transformation.

With reputations ever more on the line, financial services wrangle risk management with culture and a changing workforce. The speed of technology advancement is blistering and cyber security is in the spotlight. Add the increased competition from non-traditional market players and it’s quite a ride. Leadership skills and behaviours are critical, at 6 Group we work with our clients to mitigate that risk.


Areas we cover:

  • Commodity Trading
  • Capital Markets
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management

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