Banking and capital markets face ongoing restructuring, emerging technologies and the acceleration of digitalisation. The insurance marketplace requires agility to navigate the dramatic transformation of the way people now live.

Shifts in buyer behaviour as the millennials become a greater force and increased regulation are just a part of the challenges (and opportunities) facing investment management.

Brexit has been the talk of the town over the last couple of years, with the word “uncertainty” bouncing around the sector. As such, the financial services industry’s focus is revolving greatly around crafting their post-Brexit strategy.

Political events will continue impacting financial services, the rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the industry’s landscape, altering not only bank’s relationships with their clients but also shifting traditional banking towards a digital transformation.

Looking at talent acquisition, financial services is facing a skills gap at all levels. The 2008 financial crisis still provokes distrust, especially from millennials and mid-career candidates who now have more choice than ever before. Attraction, employer branding and widespread awareness of the talent market are all paramount for organisations.

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