Global Executive Search:
Recruiting The World's Stand Out Talent

There's no doubt the world is filled with exceptional people. Our global executive search is about the exploration of this remarkable cohort and to provide unquestionable evidence why a select few will be an invaluable addition to your organisation.


Recruit successfully with 6 Group

Here at 6 Group we partner with organisations around the world, consistently delivering successful outcomes through continuously gaining insights into top talent in every continent. As a result we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptionally high levels of success rates in all areas of recruitment. This combined with our own unique in-house recruitment processes means that since 2006 all our clients have returned to 6 Group for our professional recruitment services which boast:

  • 92% search success
  • 100% reutilisation rate
  • Talent identification made simple
  • Fact driven approach
  • Appoint the right candidate every time
Average time from sign-off to shortlist:

0 weeks

  • 0%
    Reutilisation by clients since 2006
  • 0%
    of candidates still in place after 2 years
(Figures up-to-date as of May 2022)

Why 6 Group?

Nimble awareness

We have an insatiable appetite for discovery. Through our client solutions - global executive search, talent mapping and talent pipelining - we continuously gather insights into the world’s top talent. We know who is in demand, who would be willing to have a conversation and the remuneration they would expect.

Evidence-driven outcomes

Everything we do is underpinned by fact. From exploring a world of senior talent with fresh research and intelligence at hand to presenting you with people who have prevailed in an evidence-based assessment process, we only work with tangible evidence.

Devotion to partnership

We are with you from start to finish – and even beyond that. From the initial brief to the ongoing support once the successful candidate is placed, we maintain total communication and transparency at every stage of our global executive search process.

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    Tom Hulme

    12 JULY 2021

    Congratulations to Tom Hulme for his promotion to Senior Client Partner leading our Process Industries Practice.