Talent Mapping
& Pipelining

You would be hard-pressed to find a bigger issue on anyone’s resourcing agenda than access to talent. Maintaining operational excellence while continuing to support organisational growth is the ever-present challenge facing many organisations the world over.

Knowing the unknown

Talent mapping and pipelining are about awareness. It renders complete clarity to your talent market and utilises that holistic insight to your advantage. The quantitative and qualitative facts about your target talent communities are revealed, affording you tailored intelligence which is unavailable to anyone else.


How we build
talent pipelines

A talent pipeline is the ultimate mechanism for unlocking your access to desired candidate markets. Here, we give you extensive insight into our approach.


Head of Business Risk:

"Overall, the process and quality of research provided by 6 Group was of the highest quality I have ever experienced as a hiring manager, and with an exceptionally challenging mandate in a time zone of +8 hours difference, yet they managed to successfully reach the majority of strong candidates in the market, and provide support consistently that went beyond the extra mile. I was hugely impressed with the approach, the process, the consistency, updates, service, and the outcomes."

Reinvigorated resillience

How can you ensure your internal capability is equal to what the external market can provide? How can you ensure you have the optimum ratio of coverage options for succession? We build relationships on your behalf. We nurture strong bonds between you and your talent market so that when you want to engage them, they’ll be ready to join.

Shaping perceptions

Trust, admiration and respect are the most powerful attributes of any brand. They’re emotive and spark a desire to follow particular organisations. We are the conveyance of your employer brand and employee value proposition to the external market. We build and communicate a justified narrative of why you are a genuine employer of choice.

Diverse by design

It’s been proven time and again, diverse companies outperform those that aren’t – it’s simply good business practice. Diversity has multiple facets, but where we will help you excel is by presenting you with the truest representation of your talent market possible. Decision-making becomes empowered.

Capability Engine™

We have designed a refined concept within our talent mapping & pipelining services, that brings our client’s talent acquisition strategy and execution to a new level. We call it our Capability Engine™.

Our approach allows our clients and their resourcing functions to have a constant engine room of sourcing, assessing and bringing diverse, capability-first talent to their organisations.

The Capability Engine™’s proprietary attraction strategies & engagement platform promotes access to diverse talent to ensure our clients get the greatest choice of the best talent for them, not just the most available or the people with the right keywords on their CV or LinkedIn profile.

Capability Engine
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