Our First Year as a B Corp!

In July 2022, we proudly achieved our B Corp certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable business practices. Building on this achievement, we have continued to drive positive change within our organisation. Over the past year, we've made substantial improvements in our decision-making processes, further reviewed and refined our protocols and procedures, and continued our dedication to prioritising employee well-being and diversity. We've also taken significant steps towards enhancing our environmental footprint, implementing eco-friendly measures across utilities, travel, and recycling.

Today, we are excited to introduce our Impact Report, a comprehensive reflection of our journey towards becoming a more sustainable and socially responsible organisation. This report provides valuable insights into our progress and highlights the areas where we have excelled, as well as those where we are committed to further improvement. We invite you to explore the report, which not only showcases our dedication to sustainability but also outlines our short and long-term goals, ensuring that we consistently meet the high standards expected of a B Corp-certified organisation as we continue our 'Six to Zero' journey.