Investment in global infrastructure will reach $94 trillion by 2040 in a bid to keep up with the world's economic and demographic changes.

Cities around the world power the growth of our societies and economies. Investment trends recognise this with two-thirds of outlay accounting for roads and energy infrastructure alone.

The holy grail for many countries around the world is the development of 'smart cities' - a metropolis which leverages technology to serve its people and enable more effective management of all urban assets. It's predicted that smart city investment alone will reach $158 trillion by 2022. 

Whilst the dreams are big and bold for the infrastructure & transportation sector, the restrictive labour market has the potential to disrupt real advancement. The US construction market, for instance, has the lowest unemployment rate for 18 years.

Organisations who want to play an integral role in the development of the global market will need to seriously consider the sustainability of their access to talent for the long-term.

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