"The studies showed that only 10 to 15% of people demonstrate true self-awareness."

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We believe that we are self-aware, but are we really?

Did you miss the live event? No problem! You now have the opportunity to watch the recording of our thought-provoking discussion on leadership and self-awareness featuring two esteemed experts:

  • Anna Gromadzka, Client Partner at 6 Group, Executive Search & Leadership Consultancy.
  • Micha Goebig, Founder & CEO of GO BIG, Coaching & Communications.

In this enlightening session, we explored the unconventional concept of embracing "incompetence" as a sign of genuine leadership. Discover how this perspective can transform workplace culture and drive innovation. Our discussion covered redefining "incompetence" in leadership, the crucial role of self-awareness, building psychological safety, the essence of authentic leadership, and how these elements contribute to innovation in today's fast-paced world.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and wisdom from our experts. Click the video above to start watching and embark on a journey toward authentic leadership and personal growth.

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