Accelerated Performance Program™

Accelerated Leadership Performance Programme


The Centre for Creative Leadership reports that around half of executive appointments are deemed failures within their first 12 months…

When executives in a new position don’t build a strong foundation early on in their incumbency, they struggle to gain the right traction in their role and the consequence can be a serious waste of talent and results in them never fulfilling their early promise and potential.

Senior appointments shouldn’t be left to simply battle through with sheer resilience until success has been achieved – particularly when there are solutions available for organisations to increase the volume of executives who reach their optimal level of effectiveness, become an integral driving force for the business, and which ultimately offers them both parties the best possible chance of success.

In response to this, 6 Group developed the Accelerated Performance Programme (APP)™ designed to evolve the executive into a net contributor of value sooner through:

  • Determining what success looks like
  • Establishing a sense of urgency
  • Constructing powerful and useful coalitions
  • Creating an impactful and compelling vision
  • Developing a plan for short-term wins
  • Generating momentum
  • Building on early successes
  • Sustaining high levels of performance

The APP™ defines and addresses the known and unconscious expectations of the hiring organisation on the individual, and isolates those expectations through a discovery process prior to the executive joining.

The output of the discovery session is translated into a day-long workshop with the hired executive – carried out prior to them starting – where targets and areas of focus are defined to be achieved within the first three months of being in the role.

To help guide them through this process, we appoint one of our industry-leading coaches – including former CEOs, MDs, executive vice presidents and even parliamentary ministers – all trained and on call to help mentor and guide the appointment. What’s more, they also act as a sounding board for both the hiring organisation and the newly appointed candidate meaning consistent engagement is maintained between both parties.

The APP™ is also available as Teams Accelerated Performance Programme (TAPP)™ – to collectively upskill and align entire teams of new and existing employees.


If you have any executive hiring planned and would like to discuss how the APP can work for you, get in touch using the contact form below.

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