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Chief executives and their teams are in the hot seat when crisis strikes and an increasing number of companies are facing hard-hitting events which puts them at significant risk.

Is your team prepared for crisis?

Do chief executives and their senior teams really know how fit-for-purpose their company’s crisis preparedness and capability is? Is there enough cooperation, understanding and trust within teams to endure and prevail during these highly pressured times?

Often, deficiencies in the ability to manage a crisis only become clear once a company is hit by a storm and the share price tumbles. Customers defect and directors and board members are held to account in the media – both social and mainstream. By then, it’s too late and leaders often pay for these failings with their jobs and reputations.

We offer a unique audit and ‘pressure testing’ review of companies’ crisis preparedness and we make clear and concise recommendations on strengths, weaknesses and corrective measures. Our approach is based on having successfully developed and led crisis response and issues management in a Fortune 500 company for more than a decade. We base our audit findings and recommendations on best practice combined with real-world experience.

Audit & Review

  • The extent and adequacy of processes to identify risks, emerging issues and governance topics
  • How well these risks/issues are addressed in general risk management work
  • How residual risks are managed in crisis plans, either generically or specifically
  • Overall adequacy of existing crisis management plans and training
  • How strong is the cohesion and effectiveness within teams to sustain a crisis
  • Crisis communications and stakeholder management processes
  • Deeper dives into hazards to which the company is particularly exposed e. g. employee travel, duty of care, terrorism, potential boycotts


Adam Roscoe | Senior Consultant, Crisis & Issue Management

Adam Roscoe is a corporate crisis, issues management and communications consultant with a proven international track-record of anticipating, responding to and resolving business and personnel-critical challenges around the world for more than a decade.

Adam’s current focus is on assisting companies to develop organisational resilience across disciplines, capitalising on his work for a Fortune 500 company with more than 500 locations in 100 countries, where he was responsible for developing, resourcing and deploying the company’s crisis management and security capability.

He led crisis response between 2004-15 through a series of life-threatening and business survival situations.

As a founder-member of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, he assumed ownership for a number of risks, including terrorism, crime and major incidents (industrial, natural disasters and travel-related). As part of mitigating these risks, he developed and delivered crisis training content, scenarios (based on ERM output) and defined and led a regular cycle of top-level crisis and issues workshops and training globally.

His career includes experience as a journalist and news editor, senior crisis and issues management consultant for a global public relations firm, and head of corporate communications for international companies in the chemicals and engineering sectors.


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