Leadership Assessment & Development

Leadership Assessment & Development


6 Group’s Leadership Assessment & Development capability is dedicated to helping those at the helm of the business to identify whether they have the right leadership competencies, skill sets and experience to propel them to success.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership advisory – everything we do is completely bespoke and made to fit the company’s unique objectives and the roles which underpin their achievement.

Leadership & Board Assessment
This involves a rigorous evaluation of those at the helm of the business, their leadership competencies, and an alignment of a consistent way of thinking. To achieve this, we work closely with you to define the traits each leader requires for the collective team to be successful. Subsequently, we conduct an in-depth, tailored evaluation to assess each person’s fit for their respective role against agreed criteria which includes psychometric testing and analysis.

The output from the assessment is tailored to the specific development requirements of the company and the assessed individual.

Leader Development
This Leader Development programme is the ideal follow-on from the initial Leadership & Board Assessment because it uses the intelligence acquired to make clear exactly what needs to be developed. This involves one-on-one workshops with individual leaders to discuss the gaps identified in their competency framework assessment and the results of the psychometric testing.

Ultimately, each member of the leadership team given their own unique pathway to make improvements and close the identified gaps between their existing behaviours and the required competencies to excel in their role.

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