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At 6 Group we work in partnership with your organisation to find and place the best candidate CEOs and upper-management executives.

What are management consultants?

As management consultants we provide our clients with an audit of their current procedures and detail where and by whom these improvements can be made.  Our role is to provide expert advice that solves problems efficiently with the long-term goal of enabling growth.

When working for clients we produce a detailed plan of action which we help implement in order to identify candidates that will achieve success for your organisation. We provide management consultancy to a wide variety of firms across many sectors, globally. The level of our involvement depends on your specific requirements.

Why use 6 Group for management consultancy?

The reason why many firms choose 6 Group is because of our expertise and track record for success. Our management consultancy provides clients with an external view of their business and helps quickly identify and solve problems that are sometimes hard to see when working within an organisation.

We are often brought into companies where there is a skills gap and our knowledge and expertise are required. Rather than employing new team members as management consultants, we provide a more cost-effective solution whereby you hire us as your consultants to identify the problems and plan the solution.

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Working in partnership with our clients

Our partnership approach to management consulting enables us to fully understand and define your immediate and upcoming requirements. It is through our partnership approach that we have a highly successful track record of recruiting high-performing individuals who truly add value to our clients’ businesses.

Management consultants to 8 main sectors

There are 8 main sectors where we excel as management consultants for clients. We have consultants with extensive knowledge, experience and success in each of the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Financial Services
  • Pharma and Life Services
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Legal

Accelerate your search capability with 6 Group

An accomplished and consistent delivery team, hand-picked for your organisation and ready to mobilise whenever called upon:

  • Executive Sponsor to oversee and offer counsel across every assignment.
  • Senior Client Partnerto lead each search, present market research, regulate assessments and explore the resulting evidence with the client organisation.
  • Delivery Consultant to magnify assignments through the procurement of intelligence and uphold attentive candidate communication.
  • Marketing Support Officer to empower the client organisation’s employer brand through the creation of powerful attraction materials.

A new grade of management consultancy

Now is the time to welcome the organisations who want to take the journey with us in exploring an immense world of exceptional senior talent.

We’re ready. If you are too, speak to us today about how we can form a partnership to accelerate your global executive hiring capabilities.

The services we offer

Established 15 years ago by James Beazley with an aim of hiring the very best senior talent for our clients, 6 Group has become a trusted partner in the Oil, Gas & Resources, Power & Utilities, Industrial, Pharma & Life Sciences, FMCG & Retail, Infrastructure & Transportation, and Financial Services sectors.

Our services include:

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Average time from sign-off to shortlist:

0 weeks

  • 0%
    Reutilisation by clients since 2006
  • 0%
    of candidates still in place after 2 years
(Figures up-to-date as of May 2022)

Why 6 Group?

Nimble awareness

We have an insatiable appetite for discovery. Through our client solutions - global executive search, talent mapping and talent pipelining - we continuously gather insights into the world’s top talent. We know who is in demand, who would be willing to have a conversation and the remuneration they would expect.

Evidence-driven outcomes

Everything we do is underpinned by fact. From exploring a world of senior talent with fresh research and intelligence at hand to presenting you with people who have prevailed in an evidence-based assessment process, we only work with tangible evidence.

Devotion to partnership

We are with you from start to finish – and even beyond that. From the initial brief to the ongoing support once the successful candidate is placed, we maintain total communication and transparency at every stage of our global executive search process.

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