The industry has emerged from turbulent times and is now attempting to recover its status as the biggest sector in the world (in terms of employability and financial value).

2018 represented a good start as global oil demand exceeded 100 MMbbl/d (100 million barrels per day), pumping out more oil than ever before. Whilst no prediction for the sector is certain, it's a healthy outlook - investment has returned and prices are stable.

Factors which have already begun to challenge the industry's journey back to the top, however, including the rise of (and global emphasis on) renewable energy and a talent market which vacated the sector during the downturn in pursuit of out-of-sector opportunities.

The rise of renewable energy technologies is disrupting the industry and increasing attention is being drawn to the environmental impact of resource extraction. To adapt to a more renewable-focused environment, we've witnessed large O&G companies adapting their operations and reshaping their brands - for both commercial and reputational reasons.

A real concern for the industry is the availability of critical business talent. Almost half a million professionals left the sector during the downturn. How do you begin to fill this void with the talent required to - not only maintain operational excellence - but to establish yourself a true leader in the field? The answer is an innovative talent strategy.

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  • Conventional and Unconventional Exploration & Production
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  • Management Consultancy & Professional Services

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