Reinier Starink

Lead Partner, Asia

Reinier has a career spanning over 30 years in a number of international contexts. His career started working with Shell International in the field of Human Resources. He worked in HR in the Netherlands, Australia and China. Over time his span of attention started to gravitate towards business improvement initiatives, change and leadership.

After Shell he settled down in Portugal and continued his ‘Change and Leadership’ focus and became a Partner of a consultancy business, focussing on business improvement – and leadership programs. During this time he was appointed as Associate Professor of ISCTE University focussing on International Project Management and Communication. Reinier, then embarked on 2 years with ABB in Switzerland where he was co-leading activities in their global change strategy (Journey of Excellence) for the Power division.

After Portugal, he moved to Malaysia where he continued with his focus on business turn arounds, strategic leadership and change management. This saw him leading international transformation programmes for the public sector and Country-wide transformations for developing nations.

Since March 2020 he became a partner of Cerah Associates (a Joint Venture partner of 6 Group) focusing on Consultancy, Transformation and leadership. He operates either out of the Netherlands and Malaysia.

Reinier studied Sociology and Economics, and attended a MBA program at Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, Italy.