Research & Intelligence

Research & Intelligence


6 Group partners closely with companies wanting to take their talent acquisition to an optimal level through the application of incisive market insight, talent pipelining and diversity & inclusion.

Our Research & Intelligence capability comprises:

Talent Pipelining >

A world-class candidate intelligence offering which helps you to identify and engage your most sought-after target talent. Our talent pipelines are designed to give clients highly insightful information across several criteria; such as location, experience, qualifications, salary & benefits, availability and motivations to work for you.

Diversity & Inclusion >

An initiative which helps you evolve your company’s approach to diversity in a number of ways; such as setting and achieving long-term goals to reshape your leadership team, creating a truly inclusive culture across the organisation, and supporting your resourcing function through the provision of bespoke intelligence.

Market Intelligence >

An insight function which provides you with unparalleled awareness of anything you want to learn more about to better inform your decision-making and strategy.


To discuss how our global Research & Intelligence capability can help your organisation gain the insights needed to achieve your objectives, get in touch using the contact form below.

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