Talent Mapping & Pipelining

Talent Mapping & Talent Pipelining


Talent Mapping and Talent Pipelining offer separate value to a company but are connected through their devotion to imparting awareness about a specified talent market.

If an organisation is looking to obtain a snapshot of a particular talent market, talent mapping is the best-suited option. If an organisation is looking to bolster their mid- to long-term hiring activities, talent pipelining is the answer. Here we explain our respective approaches.

Talent Mapping

If you could take a snapshot of everything you needed to know about a particular demographic of people, it would be talent mapping.

Talent mapping is an identification tool for companies wanting to obtain current insights into a specific talent market to empower their hiring activities. Clients inform us of the criteria of talent they’re looking to discover more about and our global Research & Intelligence team sets out to gather and compile the requested information. Our talent mapping insights include:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Employment Information & Achievements
  • Academic History
  • Functional Skills

A talent mapping report is then created which includes all of the above in clear detail and is accompanied by visual representations of the data obtained; such as gender splits, a map of where the talent is based, the frequency of employers, and a breakdown of the cohort’s skillsets. The report also comprises additional market intelligence which was attained in the process.

Note: The above is our typical talent mapping methodology, however, our approach is truly flexible and can accommodate specific requests tailored to your desired outcomes.

Talent Pipelining

Talent pipelining gives the snapshot of a particular talent market, as with talent mapping, but supplements this with engagement with the identified population on behalf of the organisation.

This engagement offers a far deeper insight into an individual’s capability, explicit details of whether they will be open to moving to your company and, if they are willing to move, exactly when they will be able to do so. Talent pipelining is especially effective for;

  • Mid- to long-term talent acquisition
  • Supporting diversity & inclusion hiring initiatives
  • Strengthening succession plans for potentially ‘at-risk’ areas of a company or critical leadership positions

Our global Research & Intelligence team directly engages with the target market, on behalf of the client organisation, to discuss potentially working for the company. During this, individuals are given a considered overview of the organisation including a narrative about the company’s vision, culture and working environment.

They are also questioned on how they feel about the organisation, both as an employer and their standing amongst competitors. If the individual consents to being included in the talent pipeline, they are taken through a functional capability assessment, the criteria of which will have been established with the client organisation prior to the project commencing.

If the individual is deemed successful in their assessment, they are included in the pipeline.

Ultimately, a talent pipeline report is created, and insights include:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Employment Information & Achievements
  • Academic History
  • Current Remuneration & Expectations
  • Functional Capability Assessment Results
  • Availability Details
  • Willingness to Relocate
  • Employer Brand Perception

The talent pipeline report presents its data both in the raw format as above and is also consolidated into a range of visual representations to give the reader a coherent and sweeping view of the particular talent market.

Which approach suits your organisation?

For over a decade, we’ve worked to become genuine pioneers of both talent mapping and talent pipelining.

Our projects have defined talent landscapes around the world for organisations seeking complete clarity of their talent markets. To schedule a discussion about either talent mapping or talent pipelining, get in touch using the contact form below.

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