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Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are experiencing a wave of competing challenges.

The increasing demands and expectations of patients seeking a greater role in their own care, increasing cost pressures from payors leading to calls for pricing reform, and the declining autonomy of the individual physician as rule-based, protocol-driven care becomes ascendant.

With the evolving industrialisation of life sciences, companies need to embrace the exponential changes in technology to change the way they work, conduct research, innovate, manufacture and distribute products, and meet consumer expectations. Strategic alliances and new operating models are also contributing to overall growth in the sector. With growth comes some uncertainties arising from pricing pressures, value-based contracting, geopolitical climate, and policy changes. New measures are therefore needed to withstand these challenges.

Areas we cover:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Medical Devices
  • Biotechnology
  • Materials Science
  • Testing, Inspection & Certification


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