Senior Executive Search

Senior Executive Search


6 Group combines comprehensive industry knowledge with a global reach and a firm commitment to building longstanding partnerships. We have over 12 years’ experience in finding highly talented individuals who can meet the demands of a top company position. This includes both executive and non-executive board appointments.

Thanks to our team of industry specialists, we are confident in tackling leadership, financial and commercial roles in a number of sectors all across the globe. These include:

A Worldwide Senior Executive Search

With experience across 34 countries and five continents, 6 Group are ready to search far and wide for your ideal senior executive candidate. By working in the EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, there’s no need for us to put limits on your search. Once a candidate has been chosen, we can provide further assistance as part of their international career relocation.

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

At 6 Group, we make a point of keeping up with our industry specialisms. At any point, we know exactly who the biggest influencers are, who is on the rise and who is willing to have a conversation. This helps us to advise you on the sort of package you will need to offer in order to attract the quality of candidate you require.

By staying ahead of the challenges the sector is facing, we can more accurately assess a candidate’s suitability for a role. You need someone who is going to provide you with solutions in the most vital areas. On occasion, there simply isn’t enough time for someone to learn on the job. Our deep industry knowledge helps us to make a judgement call about whether an individual is truly ready for the position.

Finding The Perfect Fit

In a senior executive search, we pay close attention to the team that the successful candidate will ultimately be working with. For a company’s leadership to achieve its goals, the team needs to be well-balanced and considered. Choose too many people with similar opinions and there may be a lack of creativity or an inability to consider alternative solutions, which could hamper growth. Equally though, a room of clashing forceful personalities will quickly descend into an argument and struggle to reach a consensus.

With this in mind, 6 Group are always willing to take on board any information you can provide on the strengths and weaknesses of the current leadership team, and how the senior executive candidate might complement them. For instance, if the team has recently completed any psychometric tests, you might be aware of skills or preferences that are lacking. To boost the chances of your senior leadership working cohesively and productively, it is important that these elements are considered alongside experience, industry knowledge and culture fit. We firmly believe that a well-rounded team will give you a crucial competitive advantage.

Any senior executive search must consider whether the candidate shares your company’s ethics and values. No amount of experience or level of expertise will help if there is a fundamental difference between a candidate and company in this area. As a result, we consider it a key area of our thorough search process.

With 12 years of experience and an impressive track record, 6 Group’s expertise could certainly make the difference in your next senior executive search.

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