Leadership & Change Advisory

Leadership & Change Advisory


6 Group’s Leadership & Change Advisory capability helps clients to evolve and transform their organisations through leadership assessment and development, commercial excellence, and performance acceleration.

We have developed a range of bespoke programmes for clients which are completely tailored to your objectives, these include:

Leadership Assessment & Development >

An assessment and development capability dedicated to helping those at the helm of the business identify whether they have the right leadership competencies, skillsets and experience to propel them to success.

Leadership of Change >

A partnership-led approach to make clear your reasons for change, investigating what makes the industry leaders shine, creating the transformation plan, and finally putting it into practice and measuring its effectiveness.

Accelerated Performance Program (APP)™ >

An onboarding and executive coaching programme designed to accelerate the performance of a newly appointed executive and propel them to become a net contributor of value far sooner than usual.

Crisis Management Audit >

A comprehensive review and optimisation process to ensure your company can communicate effectively, anticipate issues and diminish risk.