Our Jouney to Net Zero

Our Sustainability journey begins with confirming why we are doing it and what we want to achieve. It is interesting that when most companies think and talk about Sustainability, they default to a situation where they see it only as a cost or something that will be taking away from what they currently do, or indeed make it harder to operate. Whilst there may be a bit of an impact initially, in the long term, Sustainability is good for business and good for people and planet – and it doesn’t take too much for us to play our part.

With that in mind, 6 Group set out to create our mission “To be an absolutely for profit regenerative corporation”, really living by our Values and Beliefs. That means we want to make sure that whatever we take from our planet, we “Go Beyond” and put back more. Whatever impact we have on our society, its people, and our own people – we are “Partnering” appropriately and giving back more.

We also want to secure the growth our own financial capital to ensure we can keep contributing outstanding outcomes for our clients and grow our business and people.


Four sustainability goals

To help us on this journey, we needed to focus on some key areas, where we felt we could have the greatest impact, and also that we are passionate about. With this in mind, we decided to adopt four UN Sustainability Development Goals, which we felt better represented what we want to have at core when building our sustainability journey. 

The UN Sustainability Development Goals we selected are:

4 UN Sustainability Goals

Based on these goals, we listed a few steps to help guide us in our thinking of how and what we can do. Ultimately, we want this journey to be a commercial imperative that supports our clients, candidates, ourselves and families for the future.

We are not looking for wholesale change in how we operate but looking for adaptations and actions to start us on our journey. Therefore, we set our minds to think of three things:

A) Operational Goals – things we can affect as part of our direct operations;

B) Value-chain Goals – things we can do in engaging our stakeholders i.e., clients, candidates, suppliers and partners;

C) System-level Goals - this is much harder, but what part do we play in influencing the whole ‘system’ i.e., executive search industry or the industries we serve.

In line with the above, our focus in the next few months will be to identify what can we do right away and what we need to work on gradually. 

What we have done so far

This first month we have focused on the UN Sustainability Development Goal number three - Good Health and Well-being. It has been a year since we have all worked together in one office and we are about to get back to work in the same space again. To make sure our team is feeling mentally and physically energised, we have arranged outdoor walks together with the kids, a couple of bike rides and a coffee (or two!). These activities were also to help ease everyone back into being in physical contact with their colleagues again.

We have shared over the last two months our plans for the office and chosen a new workplace specifically tailored to enhance the health and well-being of everyone at work. It has plenty of natural light and fresh air, and we are starting to populate it with air purifying plants and trying and make it as biophilic as possible. This will encourage greater calmness, more productivity and also create a space that we can all be proud and excited to be a part of.

We will be looking at other areas to help boost the Health and Well-being of our employees throughout the rest of the year, and we will also look at what we can do for our clients and candidates also.

Watch the first episode of the "Six to Zero" series for an overview of the progress of our sustainability journey during the month of April.

Next month, we are going to focus on another goal - Gender Equality. It is something we are very passionate about at 6 Group and it will offer a great opportunity to look at our own processes and systems in more detail.

Six to Zero - Episode 1 - April 2021