The only tool in the world that gives you insight into what you don't know.

&Insight turns volumes of unprocessed linguistic data into signals which help you make smarter decisions and transform business performance. 

Language is data

... and businesses are rich in linguistic data.

Language contains a great number of performance indicators, however, most companies struggle to decode the signals. Unprocessed linguistic data is hard to analyse because of its subjectiveness and fragmented sources. As a result, many signals that could transform performance often go unheard.

&Insight processes volumes of internal and external linguistic data, yielding insights with unprecedented speed, scale, and simplicity.

In a world full of noise, &Insight clarifies the conversational landscape at a glance.


Reveal the signals
that matter

We don't wait for a quarterly survey or a long-term change project. Our approach enables a near-live feed of performance signals to help you stay ahead.

Through &Insight's automation and machine learning, complex datasets are transformed into resources of genuine awareness.

Which projects and strategies are your people truly confident in, versus not? Which stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, etc. - are bought into your company's direction, and who isn't? How do the answers to these questions - when converted to data - actually connect to your business performance?

&Insight reveals the signals that matter.

Gain predictive powers

Connect linguistic signals to your concrete business results to improve predictive analysis.

Decode the voice of the customer

Unravel customer reviews/feedback to inform your customer experience (CX) efforts.

Turn employee surveys into fuel

Merge every source of employee feedback and understand the themes to achieve next-level engagement.

Extract value from old processes

Utilise legacy data to reveal new insights.

Accelerate change

Reduce change resistance and turn the talking into doing.


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