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Talent mapping and pipelining are about awareness. It renders complete clarity to your talent market and utilises that holistic insight to your advantage. The quantitative and qualitative facts about your target talent communities are revealed, affording you tailored intelligence which is unavailable to anyone else.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a highly effective recruitment method. It ensures you have the right combination of people in key roles within your organisation. Talent Mapping allows you to identify and define potential gaps and areas for growth. This is done by analysing and understanding the talent and skill sets of your current workforce. 

Talent Mapping is a useful recruitment exercise for both immediate roles and future hiring. This is a continuous activity to enable your organisation to maximise its success and profitability now and into the future.

Talent Pipelining

The creation of a Talent Pipeline for your organisation is an invaluable tool for ensuring you can successfully appoint the best talent when key positions become available. Along with Talent Mapping, Talent Pipelining is a proactive recruitment strategy rather than being reactive and waiting until you have positions that need to be filled quickly.

Developing a Talent Pipeline establishes contact and fosters relationships with a pool of potential candidates for future job roles. Here at 6 Group we create a wealth of benefits for the future proofing and success of your business. There are different ways to approach the building of a Talent Pipeline. At 6 Group we have developed a highly successful method.  As a result, this leads to hassle free, timely and successful recruiting for your business.

Plan for success with Talent Mapping & Pipelining

Talent Mapping and Pipelining is a process that encapsulates talent both internally and externally for clients in Bahnhofstrasse. Our industry specialists work alongside your team to fully evaluate current skills and talent within your organisation. We also focus on understanding your development plan in terms of staffing and growth.

Developing a clear view of the skills and talents your organization already possesses, we can analyse this and compare it to the exact skills and talents you will need within your workforce to enable you to achieve the aims and ambitions of your organization. This is not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term.

Talent Mapping allows us to have an in depth awareness of the type and calibre of employees you will require. This is as a result of understanding where your organisation wants to be in terms of development and growth. Coupled with our preparedness and proactive attitude here at 6 Group, we are steps ahead when it comes to you hiring new employees.

Preparedness and proactivity result in us obtaining the very best possible candidates for you. This also saves you time and money at each stage of the recruitment process.

Future-proof your talent

As a recruitment process, Talent Mapping is considered to be “laying the foundations” for the continuous and successful staffing and structuring of your organisation. At 6 Group we complete the groundwork for seeking, obtaining and retaining the very best employees there are in your industry. Talent Mapping often precedes our Pipelining service. Here we can future-proof the staffing requirements of your organisation.

An organisation may have excellent staffing across key roles today, but this may not remain the case tomorrow. People leave employment for a range of reasons and some, like illness or change of personal circumstances, cannot be anticipated. As a result, in such cases Talent Mapping is invaluable for companies in Bahnhofstrasse. We will already know which potential candidates are suitable and the recruitment process can take place swiftly so there will be minimum disruption to the team and the business as a whole.

In addition to this, 6 Group can also future-proof your organisation by updating current job descriptions. This allows us to accurately forecast what your additional needs may be in the future. We also take into consideration emerging trends and developments within your specific sector. We then assess the impact in terms of workforce requirements. No one can fully predict the future, but here at 6 Group we can certainly plan and prepare your organisation to deal effectively with every eventuality.

Know the talent within your industry

There are 8 main sectors where we excel in Talent Mapping. Our industry-specific specialists in Bahnhofstrasse have their finger on the pulse when it comes to market insights. Because of this, we lead the way in identifying and recruiting the very best talent for your organisation. We operate within the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Financial Services
  • Pharma and Life Services
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Legal

Capability Engine™

We have designed a refined concept within our talent mapping & pipelining services, that brings our client’s talent acquisition strategy and execution to a new level. We call it our Capability Engine™.

Our approach allows our clients and their resourcing functions to have a constant engine room of sourcing, assessing and bringing diverse, capability-first talent to their organisations.

The Capability Engine™’s proprietary attraction strategies & engagement platform promotes access to diverse talent to ensure our clients get the greatest choice of the best talent for them, not just the most available or the people with the right keywords on their CV or LinkedIn profile.

Capability Engine
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