The top 10 secret insecurities of business leaders

In this article we look at the top ten secret insecurities of business leaders. Business leaders are commonly associated with self-confidence who appear strong minded and driven. However, even the most successful business leaders have insecurities or fears. Even though these may not be visible, they do exist amongst some of the best leaders in one form or another. Here are the top ten secret insecurities:

The top 10 secret insecurities of business leaders 2023


1.      Fear of change

Some individuals thrive when change is in the air and other hate it. For business leaders this is exactly the same and when a fear of change is present in a leaders mind, this can mean their role very quickly becomes too much for them to handle. Change can be anything from a new situation arising or restructure of an organisation and in both, a level head and openness to change is the best mindset to have.


2.      Fear of public speaking

You may be lead to believe that all business leaders are great public speakers and are confident doing so. This just isn’t the case though as some leaders are actually afraid of public speaking. This fear can result in poor communication to their employees and the assumption that there is a lack of leadership. Additionally, it can lead to avoiding important presentations and meetings.



3.      Fear of making mistakes

No one likes to make mistakes, but they are a part of life as they are a part of business. Business leaders who make high pressure decisions also fear making the wrong decision or making a mistake. This fear can manifest itself in the form of a leader being overly cautious and not taking necessary risks.


4.      Fear of being replaced

Being up to the task as a leader is something that plays on the mind of some and a fear of being replaced can creep in when things are not going to plan. Additionally, when a new talent emerges who is highly capable, a business leader will question their abilities. A fear of being replaced can result in over competitiveness and reduced attention being paid on their employees and instead themselves or their perceived competitor.


5.      Fear of being vulnerable

A leader who is scared of being seen as having any vulnerabilities will result in a lack of empathy towards others. It’s a fear that some leaders posses and can make it hard for them to connect with others on a personal level. This fear can make a leader appear distant and difficult to approach.


6.      Fear of not being able to maintain success

Maintaining success is something that most business leaders want to achieve and a fear of not maintaining it is no surprise. We are all judged on our performance and business leaders alike are aware that if they set the bar for success high, they want to keep it there.



If you are a business leader with some of the fears listed above, it’s nice to know that fears among business leaders do exist and you are not alone. Insecurities, are completely manageable and with 6 group we help business leaders around the globe conquer their fears to become the best version of themselves. Our tried and tested strategies for coping with fears help leaders to create a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their own insecurities and result in a more mindful and efficient working environment.  Speak to us today to learn more about how we can help you and your organisation thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

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