Talent Pipelining

From an internal HR perspective, talent pipelining is the nurturing of talent within an organisation. Specific individuals are prepared for future promotion through ongoing support and training, readying them for when a position becomes available.

Our talent pipelining approach focuses on the on the external talent market, engaging with people whose skills, expertise or experience meet your specific requirements.

Talent pipelining is an effective strategy for assessing and meeting your future recruitment needs. It’s about taking a proactive approach and being prepared for whatever role needs filling, for whatever reason.

As part of our talent pipelining offering, we build a strong rapport with the potential candidate on your behalf. At this point they are generally still passive and not immediately considering a career change. Talent pipelining gives you greater opportunity to consider your ideal candidate profile, thinking about what sort of qualities and experience they would ideally have.

Talent Pipelining Is An Opportunity To Get To Know Your Company Better

In order to truly understand your long-term business strategy, we will want to learn as much as possible about your business, its position within the industry, the existing talent within the company and where the talent gaps lie. In order to gather such information, we work far more closely with you than a traditional recruiter who is tasked with filling one or two positions. By working with you over a longer period of time, we are able to gain a greater and more intimate understanding of your company and the culture. Ultimately, we would be looking to develop a close partnership with you.

Our Sector Knowledge

We believe that our success in developing talent pipelines is in large part due to our commitment to staying informed with the latest industry knowledge. Our dedicated Research & Intelligence division keeps track of the movements of the key players, identify growing and declining trends within the industry, and frequently attend industry events. All of this knowledge helps us to make more informed decisions about who has the necessary skills and experience to support your business strategy.

Talent Pipelining Saves You Crucial Time

Sometimes a job opportunity opens up unexpectedly. If you use a traditional recruitment strategy, this scenario would typically result in the recruitment team reacting to find the the perfect replacement at short notice. With a talent pipeline in place the pressure is eased. You already have a pool of engaged talent and simply need to decide who to talk to for about the opportunity. By having already invested time in nurturing those relationships you will have a greater awareness of what is important to them and why they might consider a career move.

Supporting The Hiring Manager

No hiring manager wants to waste their time learning about and interviewing candidates who are totally unsuitable to a role. By working in a close partnership with hiring managers, we gain a greater understanding of what they’re looking for in a candidate. We know where the individual needs to sit within the wider strategy and can feedback to the hiring manager our own thoughts and recommendations, rather than getting to the answer by suggesting various candidates. This reassures the hiring manager and gives them greater confidence in their own decisions.

Getting To Know The Candidate

Establishing whether an individual is going to be a good fit within your company’s culture can be difficult to do in one or two interviews. With talent pipelining you can get to know them over a longer period of time, learning their values and priorities. Equally, the candidate can get to know you better. They will have a far greater insight into the company than a normal applicant and so will be able to make a more informed decision. This has a positive impact on new hire retention rates.

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