The industry finds itself being pulled to economise, whilst at the same time trying to drive further innovation in the industrialised world.

Any power & utilities leader must be mindful of these competing priorities and think broadly enough to find workable solutions. Over the past few years, increased demand for distributed energy resources and the urge for cleaner power have been reshaping centralised fossil-fuel-based grids to accommodate variable renewable energy resources.

The increasing demand for emerging distributed energy services is slowly reshaping the power & utilities landscape. As a result, recent times have been characterised by innovation and disruptive technology.

Industry leaders aren't sitting back in the ongoing talent war either. A recent PwC survey found that four out of five CEOs in the industry plan to work on strengthening employee engagement, and 63% say they want to invest more in building a skilled workforce over the next three years.

Talent acquisition and people development will play a pivotal role in a sector which the world needs for a sustainable future.

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