Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities


Globally, power and utilities companies face a rather complex challenge, from improving environmental performance to maintaining system reliability. Consequently, the industry finds itself pulled to economise and, at the same time, pushed to innovate in the industrialised world.

In the past few years, increasing demand for distributed resources and the urge for cleaner power have been reshaping centralised fossil fuel-based grids to accommodate variable renewables resources.

This increasing demand for emerging energy services is slowly reshaping the power and utility landscape. As a result, 2018 is set to be a year characterised by innovation and disruptive technology across the major energy sectors, from coal and natural gas to nuclear power and renewables.

Giving the urgency to meet the targets set by the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear power is likely to become an increasingly attractive source of low-carbon electricity for mature industrial economies in tandem with ever-cheaper renewables such as wind and solar.

Therefore, as we enter the new year, the same trend towards a two-way, decarbonized grid is still very much in play. Lower prices for wind and solar energy have seen those resources reach grid parity across much of the nation. Furthermore, utilities continue to add flexible natural gas generation along with new technologies like energy storage to integrate the intermittent resources coming online.

As the Power & Utilities industry continue to grow beyond their traditional business model, the primary limit for companies is their own ability, whether in marshalling their capital, establishing productive partnerships, choosing effective technologies, or bringing to scale the capabilities they will need to thrive over time in this new world.


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